An End-to-End Power and Heat Solution

KATE Energy’s regional micro-LNG model

KATE Energy Innovation

Natural gas is an abundant resource in northern Canada which has gone relatively untapped. KATE Energy is partnering with natural gas producers and facilities companies and providing them with an alternative source of revenue through the purchase of their natural gas production in order to produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

From production of LNG through to the supply of equipment for power and heat generation, the entire solution will be monitored, operated and maintained by KATE Energy’s team. Innovative thinking was required to develop the end-to-end solution.

Special considerations include:

  • Remote monitored, self-powered mobile/micro and liquefaction technology
  • Liquefaction at a number of gas sites or at facilities across northern Canada, provide clients with a lower cost of transportation
  • Shorter delivery distances also lower the overall CO2 footprint from trucking, and reduce environmental risk from spills or leaks from petroleum products as LNG evaporates
  • KATE Energy provides clients with needed on site storage to support no less than 8 days of fuel consumption as well as mobile storage solutions to support power and heating needs through break up and freeze up seasons where truck access is limited
  • KATE Energy will also provide vaporization units (re-gasification)
  • As required, KATE Energy will sell or finance power and heating capital equipment to accommodate for the conversion from distillate fuel burning units (such as diesel generators), for ease of adoption
  • All clients have access to site engineering, construction and project management services
  • All equipment is modular and scaled to meet site-specific demands for LNG, power and heat

Health, Safety and Environment

At KATE Energy, we believe the safety and well-being of the environment, the public-at-large and our team are of the utmost importance. Our HSE policy sets out our principles and requirements, that when followed, will result in a well-balanced, healthy and safe work environment. We will ensure that systems are developed, implemented and maintained to identify, assess and manage risks to staff, communities in which we operate, and the environment.

Download our HSE Policy to learn more.

Power capacity: 125KW to 5MW and larger, scaled to the size and life of the project.

Northern Gas Locations

Selecting LNG production locations close to the end user has been instrumental for KATE Energy’s project development. With 11,000+ idle natural gas assets across northern Canada, there is abundant supply for our requirements.  Relationships have been established with producers located within a 650km radius of client clusters. Suppliers located near end users translates into cost savings and substantially lower emissions related to trucking, making it better for the environment.


Mobile, micro-liquefaction units located at natural gas sites across northern Canada will take advantage of the abundant supply of natural gas, provide alternative revenue streams for our gas partners and will provide employment opportunities.

LNG Delivery

With LNG production closer to the communities and industrial operations in northern Canada, KATE Energy provides a lower cost, lower carbon footprint delivery service to clients.

Storage to Vaporization

Storage equipment and technology, provided by world-class equipment providers, are located at the point of use. Temporary and permanent solutions are available, along with turnkey installation, commissioning and routine operations.

Power and Heat

Proven, world-class power and heat technologies increase fuel efficiency over diesel generators, have lower CO2emissions and a higher quality of energy. KATE Energy will invest in and provide the natural gas burning capital equipment to clients as required.

An End-to-End Power and Heat Solution


Natural gas reduces CO2emissions by 30% over other petroleum fuels

More Reliable

Capitalizing on the abundant supply of natural gas in northern Canada

More Affordable

Natural gas is lower in cost over other petroleum fuels, even after liquefaction