Addressing the Need in a Socially Responsible Manner

Access to more affordable, more reliable and cleaner power and heat is essential.

Remote Northern Communities

Over 290 Indigenous communities and industrial sites are not connected to the electricity grid or the pipeline network. The majority of them rely on the transport of diesel for power and heat. This reliance is a major contributor to the high cost of living in these remote communities. They often spend twice the Canadian average on expenses related to power and heat.

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Remote Industrial Operations

Reliable power is critical to industrial operations and remote locations means high costs for power and often unpredictable outages. KATE Energy is working with industrial operations to provide a more cost-effective and reliable solution through natural gas.

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The Opportunity

KATE Energy is working to displace higher CO2 producing fuels with a cleaner, more reliable power and heat solution – natural gas via LNG.

  • A large percentage of remote, northern communities can benefit from this cleaner fuel source
  • In Canada, these communities consume over 70% of diesel for power and heat (approx. 425 million litres annually)
  • Pay up to twice the Canadian average for power and heat
  • The cost of energy is a major contributor to the high cost of living
  • Remote and northern based industries, mining and otherwise, continuously encounter costly and unreliable sources of fuel for power and heat