Powering Remote Industrial Operations

Access to more affordable, more reliable, cleaner power and heat solutions is essential.

Remote Industrial Operations

  • More affordable solution – power represents a large portion of industrial operational costs
  • Lower carbon taxes
  • Eliminates risk of contamination from spills or leaks normally caused by distillates (diesel or other petroleum fuels) – LNG evaporates
  • Ongoing operations – opens up more business options for industrial operations and for stakeholders
  • Power reliability is critical – outages result in production downtime and loss of economic opportunities

Helping industrial operations improve efficiencies

Working with industrial operations to provide them with more affordable, more reliable, cleaner power and heat solutions

Reliable Service

KATE Energy’s LNG-solution can significantly reduce power costs. It also provides greater power capacity and reliability, with less risk of outages and production downtime. For greater operational flexibility, KATE Energy offers the option of a dual fuel solution to switch between diesel and natural gas.

  • Natural gas supply partners have a 10-year minimum supply of quality fuel
  • Partnerships are in place with industrial operations leaders, including world-class technology partners
  • Relationships are established with trusted transport companies for logistics reliability
  • Suite of equipment solutions have been sourced from world-leading manufacturers

15-25% lower energy costs

Smaller Environmental Footprint

KATE Energy helps lower environmental risk and supports corporate environmental stewardship goals by supplying cleaner power and heat solutions to industrial operations. By converting to natural gas, remote industrial sites can lower their CO2emissions by an estimated 30%.

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Small production facility footprint
  • Lower risk of spills or leaks
  • Less noise and odor pollution

Download KATE Energy’s HSE Policy for more information.