Benefits All Around - from Consumers to Industrial Operators

Economic. Social. Environmental.

KATE Energy’s micro-LNG model encompasses economic, social and environmental benefits, none of which can become a reality without working alongside stakeholders. KATE Energy is collaborating with leaders and their communities, including Indigenous leaders, municipal, provincial, territorial and federal government representatives and the private sector.


Lower Power and Heat Costs

Consumers and businesses can lower their annual power and heating costs by 15-25%.

Incentives for Switching

Tax credits and subsidies may be available for industrial operations and consumers.

Revenue for Partners

With 11,000+ shut-in wells in northern Canada, KATE Energy provides potential gas partners with an alternative source of revenue. To date, gas producers and facility operators sell their production to the “pipeline.” KATE Energy will purchase the gas companies’ production at site, reducing their overall operating costs by eliminating otherwise expensive “transportation fees.”

Royalty and Tax Revenue

Governments will benefit from royalty and tax revenue streams as shut-in assets are re-activated.

Economic Development

Reliable power for infrastructure upgrades, industrial projects, economic growth and development.

15-25% lower energy costs


Linking Remote Communities – LNG

Communities far from natural gas pipelines and not connected to the main electricity grids now have a source of cleaner burning natural gas for power and heat

Full Service Solution

Complete end-to-end solution – LNG production, transportation, storage, vaporization and power generation.

Local Employment

We believe in the development of skilled employment opportunities, training options and economic benefits for local communities.

Better quality of life.


Reduced Emissions

CO2 emissions are reduced by an estimated 30%.

Supporting Climate Change Action Plans

Canada’s target is to reduce GHG emission by 30% by 2030 and KATE Energy supports climate change action plans.

Better Quality of Life

Natural gas eliminates odors and noise from generators fueled by diesel, and has lower emissions.

Supporting Government Initiatives

  • Climate change action plan implementation
  • Generates new royalty and tax revenues
  • Less subsidized power and heat
  • Supporting natural gas development and production