Powering Remote Communities & Industrial Operations

More affordable, more reliable and cleaner power and heat solutions.

Remote Power Solutions

The gas undergoes a liquefaction process to create Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which is easier and safer to transport to end users. The LNG is then vaporized, reconstituting it back into its gaseous state for burning to create power and heat.

Alongside remote Indigenous, northern communities and industrial operators, KATE Energy is working to deliver natural gas in the form of LNG to displace a more costly, and higher CO2 emitting fuels.

End-to-End Solution

KATE Energy’s regional liquefied natural gas (LNG) model is a complete solution providing power, heat and all related services and equipment to northern remote communities and industrial operations. This end-to-end suite of solutions includes: capitalizing on local gas production to create Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), locally employed LNG delivery services teams, industrial operations with leading LNG storage and vaporization equipment, power and heat generation equipment solutions and onsite engineering, construction and project management with global leader, HATCH Ltd.

KATE Energy is capitalizing on the abundant natural resources in northern Canada to partner with natural gas producers and operators to source supply from existing or previously shut-in production.  Our approach is a full service, cost effective solution with strong technology and key partnerships while providing an improved environmental footprint.  In other words – KATE Energy provides a more affordable, more reliable and cleaner end-to-end solution for power and heat.

KATE Energy’s regional LNG model is a complete solution for power and heat and provides results for: sourcing, liquefaction, transportation, and storage and vaporization for the delivery of LNG and its conversion into gas. We are proud to partner with world-class and service equipment providers.

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Micro-LNG Technology

  • Modular, mobile skid-mounted systems
  • Small footprint
  • No or low emissions
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Scalable to meet demand
  • Fast to deploy

Site-specific Solutions

KATE Energy offers solutions to meet site-specific power and heat requirements, complete with specifications that meet ongoing and future needs that are scaled to size for the life of the project. Solutions include full complement for: engineering, construction, project management, HSE, equipment maintenance and servicing.

The KATE Power model is an end-to-end solution for power and heat including all capital equipment deployed to meet customer specific needs for power and heating with a single monthly bill based on KWh usage.

Customized solutions include: project management, permitting and licensing, day-to-day monitoring and maintenance, with full engineering capacity to ensure seamless deployment and ongoing safe operations.

The KATE Fuel for Service model is the delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its conversion into gas to meet site-specific demand, and integrating with existing power and heat infrastructure for an efficient solution.

Additional services available include LNG storage and vaporization, with all equipment incorporated into a monthly fuel charge.

KATE Energy has established strategic partnerships with manufacturers of a “Conversion Kit” that delivers a dual fuel solution that is “tried and proven.” This model provides the option of a dual fuel solution capitalizing on existing diesel-fueled equipment while incorporating more affordable, more reliable and cleaner power and heat solutions. This approach lowers overall energy costs and COfootprints.

The KATE Dual Conversion Model can be deployed with either the KATE Power or KATE Fuel for Service model options for power and heat solutions.

KATE Energy Team Overview

KATE Energy has an experienced management team who provide in-depth industrial operations know-how for LNG, gas production and delivery, overall logistics, engineering, government and Indigenous affairs, international finance and business acumen.

KATE Energy Executive Team & Board of Directors

Thomas Elwell

CEO, Director

As a passionate entrepreneur, Tom brings close to 25 years of business start-up and development of companies spanning multiple industries and across North America. Tom's corporate experience includes a decade of resource and energy- based corporate development in Canada and the Eastern United States.

Scott McDonald

COO, Treasurer

As COO, Scott draws on more than 20 years of experience in capital markets, corporate finance and strategic market guidance to his role at KATE Energy.

Ronald Blakely


With nearly 40 years’ experience at Royal Dutch Shell, Mr. Blakely has held various roles including EVP Global Downstream Finance, CFO of Shell Oil Products in the US and CFO of Shell Canada.

Des McVeigh

Non-Executive Director

As an international banker, Mr. McVeigh brings more than 35 years’ experience in merchant banking, corporate finance, energy, project finance and capital markets.

KATE Energy Management Team

Josh Garcia

VP Engineering

[email protected]

Trevor Harding

Business Development

[email protected]

Claire Preece

Corporate & Government Affairs

[email protected]